The Hidden Benefits of Puzzles

The Hidden Benefits of Puzzles by Thomas Kaeppeler, Ravensburger CEO   |   January 29   | The WooHoo Factor

One of the most wholesome and kid-friendly activities a family can do together is assemble a puzzle. Puzzling is a great way for families to relax and enjoy one another’s company while they work collaboratively to reach a common goal.  A wonderful hobby and learning experience that transcends the generational divide – appealing to everyone from preschoolers to seniors –puzzling promotes fine motor and associative skills as it helps improve concentration.
    It’s also a lot of fun for the whole family!  Hundreds of puzzle designs are available, from landscapes to buildings, animals to flowers and so many more.  And no matter the scene, puzzlers get a display-worthy finished product every time – one that they can also reassemble and enjoy over and over again.

Puzzles have come a long way since they were first created about 250 years ago.  They are now available in a wide variety of shapes and styles to challenge the novice as well as the expert.  And they’re not just flat anymore!

The latest puzzle offerings include 3D as well as Augmented Reality varieties — puzzles completed the traditional way and then brought to amazing life with modern technology for 21st Century appeal.  These new options (from companies such as Ravensburger) enhance both the entertainment and education value that puzzles deliver.

3D puzzles allow puzzlers to “build” their puzzle from the ground up, piece-by-piece just as they would a building made of blocks.  These puzzles feature pieces made of cardboard, plastic or other sturdy materials.  The goal is for puzzlers to create a structure of virtually any shape — sphere, pyramid, monument, bridge and beyond — by piecing together each part of the building while gaining a better understanding of scale, perspective and even history, culture and architecture.

When it comes to choosing the right puzzle for children and families, consider these key points:

  • Make it age-appropriate.  Puzzle play is exciting and fun when it is challenging, yet doable.  Check the package to be sure you’re selecting a puzzle that’s right for the age and skill level of the child or group so that the project can be accomplished alone or with a little help.


  • Consider piece counts.  Many puzzles for younger children are available in larger piece sizes and lower piece counts.  This enables children to more easily manipulate the pieces and put them in the right place.  It also helps young puzzlers achieve their goals more quickly.  Piece counts are important for more experienced puzzlers, too, as too large a project may become frustrating and ultimately not get finished.


  • Select the right design.  Artwork is important for puzzlers of every age. Puzzlers are more likely to complete a puzzle if the subject interests them and the colors are appealing.  It’s also important to consider that puzzles with fewer colors, texture or features (people, animals, landmarks, words, etc.) can be more challenging to assemble because there aren’t as many “clues” in the scene for puzzlers to follow.


  • Mind the time.  Select a puzzle that matches the time you have to complete it.  The sense of accomplishment is very important with puzzling and knowing your time constraints helps ensure the puzzle is happily completed.
  • Mix it up.  Today’s puzzles are not just flat anymore!  Tap into a whole new puzzle experience by trying out a new 3D or Augmented Reality puzzle.  These awe-inspiring varieties add a whole new and exciting “dimension” to puzzling.

About Ravensburger
Newton, NH-based Ravensburger is the U.S. subsidiary of Ravensburger Spieleverlag GmbH, a German toy and game manufacturer with a 130-year history of tradition.  Founded in Ravensburg, Germany in 1883, Ravensburger is a leading producer of toys loved the world over and celebrated for its meticulous commitment to detail, high production standards and superior quality control.  In addition to Ravensburger-branded puzzles, games and arts & crafts, the company is the exclusive distributorof WOW Preschool Toys and holds licenses for such well-known brands as Chuggington™, Thomas and Friends™, Tinga Tinga Tales™, The Hobbit™, Moshi Monsters™ and more.

Ravensburger is dedicated to promoting fun, learning and family togetherness with its extensive and superior quality line of puzzles for children as young as 3.  The company’s offerings — which include 2D, 3D and Augmented Reality puzzles — feature Ravensburger’s exclusively developed, extra-thick cardboard with fine, linen-structured paper for glare-free puzzle images or its premium-quality plastic pieces with Easyclick Technology™ utilized in its 3D offerings.  All puzzle pieces are cut to exacting specifications and guaranteed to make a perfect, interlocking fit every time.

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